Running with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Running with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Assembly had a busy Friday with the marketing team of CHOP! It was a full-day shoot that spotlighted the Young Adult Hip Preservation Program, a unique approach specifically for 18-30 year olds with complex hip disorders. Our team highlighted the story of a previous YAHPP participant, a runner that struggled with hip pain at the early age of 17, and was given the alternative to a hip replacement. We interviewed then gathered B-roll of the Drexel student running through the university’s campus, as well as exploring the Atrium at The Children’s Hospital.

PO Patient Running after YAHPP

It was our first shoot using a MoVI, which captured the essence of going on a successful run, with impeccably smooth glide and motion. What a sight to see John directing, Andy Cifelli operating the 5D on the MoVI, and Dustin Raysik managing focus, together on a golf cart while the patient ran in front, alongside, and behind the team. The client was able to see all the action as it happened on a remote wireless monitor. Cool stuff!


Stay tuned for updates from Day 2 of shooting with the clinical team at CHOP, and find the final video, right here!

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